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"Hi! I am Penny your Driver, you are probably wondering who we all are? Well you can read the Company Profile on the right to discover more about TrainTalk, and visit the Characters page to meet me and my colleagues."
TrainTalk offers a unique Training Solution for companies who want to discover the benefits of developing the communication skills of their people.

TrainTalk offers unique, interactive communication skills training packages, courses and e-learning solutions for all types of Call and Contact Centres, which are both effective in achieving their objectives and offer an enjoyable way for individuals to develop their personal communication skills.

TrainTalk communication skills solutions can be customised to reflect your systems and procedures based on real conversations from your business.

TrainTalk offers an interactive, highly effective and enjoyable learning experience which helps individuals to exceed their expectations.

TrainTalk courses, packages and e-learning are available for all types of communication skills including:

  • Customer Service
  • Arrears and debt collection
  • Sales and negotiation
  • Help desk
  • Customer contact
  • Coaching
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