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"Hello, I'm Peter your Porter. My job is to help you through your journey. I'll be there to give you handy hints and tips."
"Hello, Graham here again, as you know I'm your Guard. I keep a check that nothing's been forgotten and that all the skills learned are securely on board."
In guiding you along your "journey through communication," TrainTalk introduces you to some interesting characters. You will have already met Penny and Graham, you can renew your acquaintance here and meet their colleagues.

"Hi, haven't we already met? Penny your Driver here. I explain exactly how TrainTalk solutions work and what you need to do to join in and benefit from various Skill Stations that you visit during your "journey through communication."

"I'm Simon and I'm Manjit. We're the Travellers and we'll be setting the context for the Stations by sharing our personal experiences with you. We'll even let you eavesdrop on our conversations."
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