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"Hi, Penny the Driver here if you have visited the site before, or don't want to complete the Health Check right now click on me and I will take you to the main menu."
"Welcome to the TrainTalk web site. If you are new to the site I would suggest taking a couple of minutes to complete the Graham the Guard
Telephone Communication Skills Health Check before proceeding any further. Just click on me to open it.

This will question your approach to training and help you in getting the best out of the site.

By the way I am Graham the Guard, I play an important part in the training programmes as you will discover browsing the site."

Complete TrainTalk package.
"I'm Peter the Porter, if you have completed the Health Check and want to see the Pre Journey Questionnaire click on me and I'll take you straight there.
By the way don't worry about printing pages, just go to the contact page and download the Fact Sheet"
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